I personally LOVE EBONY’s cover for their September 2015 issue. This is all shades of black beauty featuring Chantelle Winnie, Milan Dixon, Fatima Siad, Marquita Pring, Diandra Forrest and Samantha Archibald and honey they are serving on this cover!

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This comes as a result of a model movement lead by Iman, BethAnn Hardison and Naomi Campbell who called out fashion designers who don’t really hire black models for their runway shows. The cover is being used as a symbol of affirmation during a time where black models are fading away from runways and magazines.

It’s been revealed that out of 9,538 model bookings across 373 Fall 2015 fashion shows spreading from London, Milan, Paris and New York that less than 8% were black and 80% were white. That’s crazy! In a press release, EBONY’s EIC Kierna Mayo stated, “Thank you Black models of then and now so present and despite what seems like fewer of you working today, so there. We see you injecting brown bodies into spaces where we have all but been erased.” Our black is beautiful!

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