Wow! Amazing! There is still hope in humanity! A Canadian teen saved a women by buying her kidnapper donuts!

In the mist of everything going on, hope still reigns supreme. Malyk Bonnet is just 17 years-old but he had the intelligence and wisdom needed to save a life. On Bonnets way home from work he recognized suspicious activity. Bonnet saw a couple getting into a heated argument. the man which is the kidnapper, was just yelling at the women. Bonnet was afraid of the argument getting violent. So instead of being an bystander, he took a stand and gave the couple some bus fare to Laval.

Bonnet decided to follow the woman and the kidnapper all the way to Laval just for safety. Bonnet stated:

“My plan was to keep them in a public place.I decided to make myself friendly with the man, so he would trust me.So I played my game.”

Once the couple and Bonnet hit Laval, Bonnet took the kidnapper and the women to Tim Horton’s and gave them money for food. Bonnet quickly rushed to the bathroom and called the police. The kidnapper was arrested and even appeared in court. The paper coined Bonnet as a hero and he even received 255 dollars from the Laval police.

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