Fetty Wap Was Jumped Last Night In A DC Night Club, Allegedly! Hop into the post from the footage from the night. You tell us if you think this is Fetty Wap or not getting jumped in a DC Night Club! #IFWT!

Billboard Record Breaking rapper Fety Wap, was allegedly jumped at a DC night club last night according to a few club goers. Sources have said that after bottles were being thrown at the DC night club, a fight had broken out.

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Allegedly once the fight broke out between multiple club goers and the New Jersey rapper, the people who jumped Fetty Wap stole his chain and tried to pull out his fake dreadlocks. At the end of the video you can see him being carried away.

Fett Wap’s camp has yet to speak out on the incident, so as of right now the story is still an allegation. If this just so happens to be Fetty Wap #IFWT hopes that he’s good! The things that come with being famous with money.

Check out the full video of Fetty Wap Allegedly getting jumped below! #IFWT!

Fetty Wap Was Jumped Last Night In A DC Night Club, Allegedly:

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