Randy Moss never quite hit the pinnacle of his career and that yearning to play football still hasn’t gone away despite being retired for a couple years.  For most guys the feeling never goes away, especially if you have unfinished business.  Could Moss be ready to hit the field again?  It sure sounds like he’s ready for a comeback.

“I actually have not lost the itch,” Moss told Curt Menefee of FOX. “I’ve been working out with a few guys over the offseason. I have been retired for the last two years, but you never know, Curt. But it’s the love of the game that I still have inside of me.”

Replied Menefee: “That’s not a commitment that you’re gonna be here beside us the rest of the year. It doesn’t sound like it. Are you thinking [about a return to football]?”

Said Moss with a big smile, “Hey, I don’t know. The sky’s the limit for me, Curt. So we’ll just have to wait and see.”

The Panthers have a clear need after the loss of receiver Kelvin Benjamin for the season with a torn ACL, but they seem to be intent on sticking with in-house options. The Packers now have a need with the loss of Jordy Nelson for the season with a torn ACL, but Green Bay consistently has resisted the temptation to add Moss over the past several years.

If the ACL-tear trend continues to hit big-name wideouts, it could just be a matter of time before a team with big-name quarterback decides to to consider filling the spot with one of the greatest receivers in NFL history.

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source: ProFootballTalk