Big Krit Gets Surprised On His Birthday With New Whip, Happy Birthday Big Krit! Hop into the post to check out the awesome footage of The Mississippi rappers reaction. #IFWT!

So today, August 26th is Mississippi rapper Big Krit’s 29th birthday! How did he celebrate it you ask? well Big Krit’s cousin put something together for the lyricist that really make his 29th one to remember!

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Big Krit’s cousin posted a series of videos capturing a very heart warming moment of him surprising the rapper with a car of his dreams in the driveway. Krit says that he doesn’t like surprised but he was smiling ear to ear the entire time he was being recorded.

The Car is a super clean old school just like Krit likes them as he often references cars in his music.

Big Krit reposted the video from his cousins Instagram and captioned it:

” I told @dutchington I don’t like surprises .. Got me with this one …Finally got my car back tho #EightySix #HappyBdayToMe #PepperMint .. Much love to @ptaprides & @n.o.streetcustoms”


Check out the videos of Krit getting surprised below! #IFWT!

A video posted by dutchington (@dutchington) on

A video posted by dutchington (@dutchington) on

A video posted by dutchington (@dutchington) on