After thousands of divorces, hundreds of thousands of dollars in alimony checks and plenty more of court appearances, Terrence Howard gets some good news from a judge. On Monday, Superior Court Judge Thomas Trent Lewis ruled that wife number two, Michelle Ghent, will not get her hands on Howard’s Empire finances. She tried it.

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The four-day hearing revealed Howard’s latest divorce along with a few physical battles Howard and Ghent had gotten into. While that sounds like a good thing for the ex-wife, it didn’t turn out to be such.

Ghent and Howard had come to a legal agreement that she would get $6000 a month, plus a large sum of money from what Howard makes from the FOX hit television show, Empire. Howard’s attorney went into court arguing that the only reason that agreement came to is because Ghent threatened to reveal some secrets about her ex; secrets such as phone sex conversations with other women.

Ghent threatening to expose Howard was caught on audio, which swayed the judge’s decision. Lewis said that the “evidence of extortion or duress” from Ghent against Howard “was unrebutted.” She losses out on their initial financial agreement as well as those checks from other shows.