Man in custody of MSU PD, no injuries, no weapon found. Suspect name not being released at this time [face in the gallery].


Mississippi State has called on several alerts as there were reports of shoots fired on their campus. The no longer active shooter has been placed into custody after he was spotted near the Starkville campus, according to the school’s student association.

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Before his arrest, the shooter, who appears to be an Asian male, was last seen at Carpenter Hall, near the vicinity of Lee Hall according to MSU Maroon Alert.

Around 10:20 a.m. Thursday morning, text messages were sent out alerting, “Seek safety until further notice.” With the suspect in police custody, Mississippi State asks that “everyone to remain calm.”

No word on possible injuries or who the suspect is. As the story develops, #IFWT will keep you informed.

Check out the gallery for the university’s alerts.

SOURCE: Clarion-Ledger