The lovely Ashanti has been giving us clues for a while now that she has been back in the studio ready to make some magic. From the late night pictures in the studio to her most recent instagram video she just posted singing, it looks like its about that time for an Ashanti Come back. Check out the video , that could be her new hit single .

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My guess is that the new song is called “Thirsty” but it is in fact very catchy and could very well be a new hit. I have faith in our Ashanti after years of sitting out of the game it was no surprise she would be back any moment now. With new rumors of her athlete boyfriend and showing off her flawless body , the girl is getting ready for something major.

Although we were introduced to the R&B princess with Irv Gotti & Ja Rule by her side, I think this time around she is showing she can do this all by herself. Every track Ashanti got her lungs on was a hit back in that era. Now that different Hip Hop beef has emerged there has been a few interviews with Ja rule, comparing the new generation of drama to him and 50 cents prior’s beef. Even though Ja Rule has amnesia and thinks he won that battle, its been quiet on the home front for him lately. Keep your eyes open and ready cause Ashanti is back.

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