It is definitely a tragic way for the students at Savannah State University to begin their school year. Yesterday, a man, Christopher ‘Cooley’ Starks, was shot on campus and later pronounced dead at a local hospital.


Gun violence seems to be coming more and more frequent these days and unfortunately, many are becoming desensitized to the tragic deaths that come along with these public shootings. The oldest HBCU in the state of Georgia fell victim to a shooting on its campus and as a result, one man was left dead.

According to reports, there was an altercation that took place near the Student Union on the SSU campus leading up to the shooting. After reading through several posts that fellow classmates have left, it seems that the shooter has yet to be identified; however, many are urging for those that witnessed the shooting to speak up.

When a tragic event such as this one takes place on a college campus, particularly an HBCU, it definitely unites organizations across the campus but also within the HBCU realm of schools. The Student Government Association at SSU planned a vigil for today to reflect and pray for Christopher’s family and to remember him.

The out poor of students and friends paying respects to Chris via social media shows just how many lives the young man touched. Many remember him as someone who was always singing and dancing and in overall good spirits. Hopefully some can speak up and bring some slight peace to his family.