People love Charles Barkley because he will ALWAYS say what he is thinking and not give a damn who hears it. On the flip side, people also can’t stand him for the same exact reason but nonetheless, they listen. Barkley had no filter at all this morning during an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show”. He spoke about a few things but Chuck stole the show when the topic of his former agent came up.


DP: When you said you admitted on the show back in 2010 to accepting money at Auburn, that’s the money?

CB: From agents, not from Auburn. I borrowed money from agents. I have no regrets about it whatsoever. I needed stuff. I wanted stuff to do. You don’t have extra money and you can’t work. I really appreciate those agents ahead of me. Only mistake I made was I didn’t sign with one of these three agents. I signed with a scumbag agent. I don’t want to mention his name: Les Lessnick. If I saw him today, I would blow his brains out. I hate that s.o.b.

DP: How did he take all your money?

CB: Back then — players are smarter now. Your agent got you a paycheck. He gave you an allowance and he “invested” the rest of your money and I was getting $15,000 a month allowance just to have fun with and I’m a 21-year-old kid. You can’t give me — how much did i say 15,000? I was getting 15,000 allowance that came the first of every month. I didn’t care — he said, ‘I’ll invest the rest, okay?’ After four years I was broke. Hadn’t paid taxes. I don’t want to mention his name, Les Lessnick.

DP: You don’t mean you would shoot him?

CB: I would if I had a gun. I would beat his ass down like a dog. That’s the worst thing you can do for somebody, dan, is steal from them. when you steal from somebody, you are saying to them I don’t respect how hard you worked for your money. When somebody steals from you, that’s what they’re saying. They’re breaking the law like people say they break the law. No. When somebody steals from you, they’re saying to you, ‘I don’t care how hard you work for your money, I want it.’ And Les stole my money. He was a scumbag

Seeing as how he threatened the life of someone else on air, I won’t be surprised if we get a “clarifying” statement from Chuck at some point, but this is exactly the reason people tune in and pay attention when he talks.

The same agent in question eventually blew a lot of Barkley’s money and then declared bankruptcy. Charles eventually won a $5 million dollar lawsuit again him but by then the agent was broke and it was obvious Barkley wasn’t going to see a penny.