I cringed this morning while watching ESPN’s “First Take” as Stephen A Smith dropped a report that was sure to have people’s imaginations running wild. Smith stated he has been “hearing” that Kevin Durant AND Kobe Bryant could both wind up in New York next year with Carmelo. We are already going to hear countless rumors during the season about KD’s impending free agency and we didn’t need Smith to start the nonsense this early.


Smith reported he has also heard Melo has been recruiting Durant very actively and KD is in fact giving the Knicks a legit shot in his mind.

Combine that with the fact Kobe might want to play after this season, where it looks like he wouldn’t be welcomed back to the Lakers and you have the perfect firestorm of rumors and reports to turn it into a story.

My fellow Knicks fans, I beg you to please not go crazy with these reports, especially considering there will be many more to come.

Shout to Complex for the video