This is definitely ironic and slightly hilarious. The man who used to decide the fate of many on national television recently turned himself in to jail to do his 5 day bid after acting ‘unjustly’ during a court appearance.


You would think someone that has been on the other side of the gavel would have more sense about how to conduct themselves in court, especially when “they” probably have out for such an accomplished man, right? Well, I guess not–or maybe he thought he was invincible? Judge Joe Brown was in court representing a client when he was hit with a contempt of court charge back in 2014.

According to the Judge himself, he was standing up for what he believed to be right. Judge Brown alludes to the situation being racially motivated after he was hit with the contempt of court charge during a custody hearing in juvenile court. He compares his situation to the late MLK Jr and even the modern day Ferguson in which these instances are fueled by oppression of African Americans by the government.

Judge Joe Brown On Sentence…

In the video, Judge Brown was seen giving an interview right before he submitted to the jail and outside, there were even supporters saying that he was not wrong for standing up in court. Once he was hit with the contempt of court charge, he appealed the decision and unfortunately, the courts did not want to hear his case. So perhaps, he is on to something? Memphis is one of those areas in the United States that is said to still be less progressive than other parts of the country.