August 29 marks what would have been the Birthday of the late Michael Jackson. Who not only made a impact of America but countries all over the world. Growing up I remembered watching videos on MTV of the crying fans across the world literally fainting an dropping to the floor at the site of the King of Pop. His American Bandstand debut’s as a child, along with his brothers was only the beginning of his legendary life. Michael Jackson then devoted his life and career to healing the world and helping countries all over the world.

Starting out as the Little Brother with Swag in The Jackson 5 but growing up to be one of the most powerful artist in the world. Michael Jackson in his adult ages was cooler than a lot of this generation realize. I remember a time where Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Princess Diana were on every Pepsi commercial. There was a time in between the Tv show block “T.G.I.F “, where the world would literally stop for the premiere of a Michael Jackson video. I remember waiting all day for the ” Do You Remember The Time ” video to come on and it was actually like a mini movie featuring Eddie Murphy and everything.

In his later days of life , there are a lot of people who say they spent a lot of time with Michael and not much changed about him. His loving children that were left behind are all grown up now and are the last living loving memories that his family have left of him. Parents Joe & Katherine Jackson are still alive and our remembered their talented son who was just one of the youngest brothers when the family first thought of putting together a music group. The Michael Jackson legacy will live on forever , whether its the moon walk dance, a bejeweled glove there will always be something to remember him by. I think everyone should show their children songs like Thriller or Who’s Bad so they can have the same happy moments we all did growing up.

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