Being born in New York and raised in California, it exposes you to the socio-economic hardship that creates cumbersome issues for urban cities across America. And, films like “Straight Outta Compton” reinforce and reverberate that more monetary opportunities and social programs must be present in combating violence. Without some of these components for a healthier inner-city environment, the community will remain in economic and social grave danger. Check out story for more details and the video.

Compton Leaders Push For Peace To Combat Gang Violence

In a way to fight against the gang violence plaguing the neighbors of Compton, community and spiritual leaders joined with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department to promote peace in the city on Friday night.

“I really believe that this is a time that the city, if we come together more now than ever, to overcome the evil with good that we’re going to see a change in the city, our communities and our culture,” said Pastor Michael J.T. Fisher with Greater Zion Church.

Hundreds of individuals swarmed 40 intersections temporarily shutting down traffic to spread the message. The leaders call the movement the Push 100 Campaign, in response to the so-called 100 Days 100 Nights campaign started by gang members pledging a summer of violence.

“Push 100 really is an opportunity for us to take back our streets. There is more positivity and more good here on this corner, and it will counterbalance the evil that is happening in this city,” said Rev. Omarosa Manigault with Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church.

Let’s hope that this can cause more discussion and action for addressing gang violence in Los Angeles County. Contrary to belief, not all gang members pose threat to innocent residents. But, there are a large number that need a better direction on how to make positive contributions to their neighborhood and community. Representing your street and neighborhood doesn’t need to translate into violence. Instead, let’s promote viability and vitality.


Compton Leaders Push For Peace To Combat Gang Violence