The VMA’s virtually have no chill this year so far. During a skit that featured Miley Cyrus and Tyga, the group does a scene with a ouija board and Tyga asks the Notorious BIG who killed him. The response that was given may or may not surprise you!


We have heard stories surrounding the shooting and killing of Biggie ever since it went down. What was even more talked about is how murder has gone unsolved for all of these years. One speculation that many of us have had for some years now is that it was the police!

Tonight, MTV may have sparked something again. In the skit, MTV alludes to his murder being committed by the LAPD. SMH. What do they know that some of us don’t? I love a good conspiracy, so to hear it come from a source like MTV of all outlets, definitely speaks volumes.

One thing is for sure though, MTV definitely has zero chill this year and that is clear after watching Nicki snap at Miley on stage! LOL