Young Dro Stole A Stripper’s Car And Got Her Arrested. Hop into the post for all the details and photos! #IFWT!

According to police, TMZ and a pretty pissed off stripper, Young Dro stole her car and got her arrested for week and an illegal drug. Young Dro was in a city near Atlanta in February when he went to a stripper friend and asked to borrow her Cadillac. The Stripper agreed to let Dro borrow it, with one condition….that he pick her up after her shift at Pink Pony.

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Young Dro didn’t follow through with his word and did not pick up the stripper when he was supposed to, so she used her OnStar to track down the Cadillac, which she found in a parking lot. It Turns out that the police were interested in the Caddy as well , because they had just seen 2 men wildly driving it. So the stripper and the cops showed up at the same time. The police found a big back of weed in the backseat. Since that sparked a search the police also found a stolen gun.

The Cops ended up arresting the stripper for the gun and the weed. When the stripper got out, she filled a grand theft auto report against Young Drop and cops arrested him.

We will keep you updated on all the details! #IFWT!