Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian has been keeping low for months (if not years at this point) due to his extreme weight gain. However, it looks like he’s been hitting the gym and eating right because he finally made a come-back to the ‘Gram with a BRAND NEW SELFIE!

Ever since he started posting again, all we’ve seen via Rob’s page is a bunch of throwback flicks, thought-provoking memes with uplifting messages on them, pics from random old movies and a bunch of photos of Kanye, Kim and his niece Nori.

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The night of the 2015 MTV VMAs, Rob decided to take a front face flick for his ‘Gram with a caption that says, “Goodnight.”

Much to our surprise…. he is skinny again!

Hey Rob – 40 day reset or naw?! LOL!

See his skinny selfie in the gallery.

Source: Instagram