Over the weekend, rapper Kevin Gates was preforming in Florida. While on stage a young female fan reached out and touched his shorts, Gates reacted violently kicking the girl right in the chest. The incident was caught on camera and has since gone viral. Tuesday, the victim Miranda Dixon is speaking out.

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18 year-old Miranda Dixon spoke with ABC News to detail just what happened during the Kevin Gates show that left her injured. Dixon saved her money to a buy ticket to Club Rumor in Lakeland to see Gates preform, but is now saying “I don’t think anyone should be his fan, I really don’t.”

After she reached out and touched the rapper while he was preforming Dixon was kicked hard in the chest. She said, “It still hurts so much, that is why I try not to talk too much, or even walk around,” adding,”I just cannot still believe this happened to me.”

Since the incident there has been a petition drawn up, with 850 signatures requesting that Kevin Gate no longer be allowed to preform in Florida. Dixon’s mother said, “I am so thankful to the community for supporting my daughter, No man should ever hit a woman. That is not OK. He should be arrested and sent to prison.”

Miranda stated that she does forgive him however she is not longer a fan. She said, “I forgive him. I just wish he would’ve never done it, but I do want to thank everyone out there for all your support.”

This is not the rappers first time getting physical with female fans, just last March their was an incident he assaulted two fans at a Michigan concert. According to police they are investigating and charges will likely be filed.

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