Breezy is NOT playing around when it comes to his daughter, Royalty.

It has been a back and forth rivalry between Chris Brown and his baby mama, Nia Guzman, for quite some time now. Although CB seems to be fulfilling his role as an active dad, Guzman is not satisfied. She’s taking him to court to 1) try to get full custody and only leave Breezy with MONITORED visitation and 2) increase his child support payments from $2,500 (which he’s paying now) to $15,000/ per MONTH.

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Chris wants joint custody but his BM is making a huge claim that he “hangs with criminals” and “smokes weed.” Unfortunately for her, Guzman’s on-again/off-again boyfriend and the “other dad” to Royalty (even listed on her birth certificate) named King Ba is a wanted man for running bank scams. According to reps from Breezy’s side, he plans to use that in court to win the case.

Touche, Breezy, touche!

Who do you think will win? $15K a month for a one-year-old is a LOT of money… just saying. I know diapers and formula is expensive but DAMN!

Source: TMZ