I don’t know about you guys but when I see celebrities supporting other celebrities on their success , especially males, it makes me happy. Everyone on top has climbed along way to get there and sometimes its hard to see who’s genuinely you’r friend and whowants to see you doing well. Kevin Hart does not have to second guess the rapper Fabolous. Check out the kind words Fab posted when he went to visit Kev after selling out Lincoln Financial.

“His What Now Tour sold out the Lincoln Financial Field in his hometown which holds 53k people” were part of the heart felt words from Fab, followed by ” I know how hard he works & how much time he puts in so to see him on top of the world of comedy & Entertainment right now feels really good. That was very nice of Fab, who is usually a man of a few words.

Kevin Hart to is defiantly one of the top Comedians in our generation, but we must remember to them they are hard workers just like us carrying out a dream. Kevin Hart seemed to enjoyed Fab coming out to his show, they were all smiles. Even in the picture while their playing cards, who cares who loses you guys are still on top.

The Dutchess