If there is one person who can’t stop partying it defiantly is Paris Hilton. Staying away from trouble these days but you can catch her turning all the way up all across the world especially Ibiza. This time she put her partying to good use and had a charity event for kids with a Rave theme. Check out the pics of Paris Hilton behind the 1’s & 2’s with the kids.

Club Amnesia in Ibiza, which is one of Paris’ favorite spot was filled with under privleged and disabled children. Showing these kids a good time and letting them have the time of their lives . Paris helped raise over 100k with a local kids center for children and made the night magical. Strobe lights, foam , games and great music had the club going up !! and down before 7pm.

Paris, the heir of Hilton one of the wealthiest names across the world had a history of ditzy ways and drama in the past. Her partying and bullying were even said to be the cause of the downward spiral for Lindsay Lohan. Years later her name is not in the mix of anything negative and she put her partying ways toward a good cause. Unless she just created a group of kids who can’t wait to turn 21!

The Dutchess