We all know there are different phases to a breakup. First you think you’re over it when you’re really not. Somewhere in between in denial and hate, then there is the moving along process. I think thats where Safaree is up to in this . He has moved on and has a new model girlfriend, despite the cheating rumors they are still going strong. Last step to a happy new life is getting rid of anything left that reminds you of your ex, like a Tattoo of your ex. In the gallery you can find ALL 3 of the tattoos he had to cover.

I never really realized that Safaree had a full Nicki Minaj Tattoo on his arm in the first place. I did in fact remember the other two tattoos he had on his chest of Nicki’s face and on the other side he had her name “Nicki” real big. Those tattoos were covered but not as good as this new cover up. A color picture of one of his favorite poses of his ex love was just covered by a tattoo artist name “IamCompton”. The Tattoo artist posted the picture as any artist would to show their cover up skills.

” And you think you’r job is hard? just finish this piece for Safaree #ImSorryNicki #ItsJustbusiness” was what he posted under the picture of the finished work. I’m pretty sure Nicki Minaj is not upset at all as she is in Dubai right now with her new boo Meek Mill. Regardless of any shade from either direction I’m sure the two went through a lot together and should have a mutual understanding that they both grew apart. No love lost.

The Dutchess