With all of the attention that the legendary West Coast rap group NWA has been getting as of lately due to the Straight Outta Compton biopic, even people who are not diehard fans of the group are sparking an interest to know more.

I came across a super dope throwback video of the NWA boys getting interviewed by Fab 5 Freddy from Yo! MTV Raps. When he asked the group who came up with the name for the album, DJ Yella said it was all him right before he was interrupted by Eazy-E – who then proceeded to curse at Yella and make it known he was the brains behind the title.

All you hear is Freddy say, “That’s kind of raw” because it got so awkward that he had no idea what else to say. LMAO, CLASSIC! This should have definitely been in the movie.

Check out the throwback clip below.

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