Talk about a big (or little, not sure) “WHOOPS.”

A 23-year-old man from Chicago was snapping nudies of his private parts when he accidentally sent it to his HR manager who had just hired him for a new job a few weeks prior. According to the woman who was receiving the d*ck pics, she got a few during the dates of August 11th to August 13th.

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When the nudie culprit decided to call and follow up for the job offer, they recognized his phone number and identified him as the man who had been letting pics of his ding-a-ling fly.

Michael Ruth, the Elmhurst Police Chief, told the Chigaco Tribune, “My understanding is they’ve rescinded the offer of employment.” The man did explain that he did not mean to send them to her and that it was intended for someone else.

The HR manager decided not to press charges, but I’m sure she’s traumatized (unless it was nice, who knows).

What would you do if you got random nudes sent to your phone?

Source: BallerAlert