The Game

If you could use an extra $1,000, pay attention! In honor of his album ‘The Documentary 2’ dropping this month, The Game has decided to give away $1,000 to 25 lucky fans. Everyday until the album is released on September 25th, he will randomly select a fan and show up to wherever they are with $1,000 cash!

Hit the jump to find out how to participate.

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The Game wrote in his Instagram post, “I was bout to spend this shit on weed…. But I thought to myself… SELF, gih dat shit to yo people nigga…” in a new video on his page the rapper is holding 25K vowing to pull up wherever, whenever to give 25 fans $1,000. In order to qualify he only ask a few things.

#1. Follow @AvanteRoseGold #2. Type hashtags #TheDocumentary2 and #KeepThatCityLit along with your address in the comments. After that you never know, The Game just might show up at your door, or as he says it, “pulling up randomly at yo mothafuckin house or yo mothafuckin job & giving you a $1,000 to do whatever the fuck you WONT to do wit it…….. ”

Check out the video below.

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