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Wrestling legend Jimmy Snuka was charged yesterday in the 1983 death of his girlfriend.  Many wonder what set off the police to finally charge him with a 32 year old murder.  Well it turns out Snuka did himself in as his own autobiography helped convince cops he’s the murderer.

TMZ Sports has obtained documents from the grand jury that indicted the former WWF superstar which spells out why investigators believe he killed Nancy Argentino in 1983.

Long story short, cops say Snuka told investigators in 1983 that Nancy injured her head while the two were “fooling around” outside of their motel room in Allentown, PA when he pushed her and she fell, striking her head.

Fast forward to 2012 when Snuka published his autobiography, “Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story” in which Jimmy’s story changes RADICALLY.

In the book, Snuka says Nancy slipped and fell on her own while going to the bathroom at a rest stop. He makes no mention of an altercation whatsoever.

Well, cops took notice of the extreme change in his story and reopened the case ultimately, determining there was enough evidence to prove Snuka laid a serious beatdown on Nancy, which directly caused her death.

Snuka was arrested today in his NJ home. He has since posted bail.

Police often suspect guilt when a suspect changes their story which is one of the reasons they are interrogated numerous times.  Of course it will take more than his autobiography to convict him so other evidence must’ve been uncovered when they reopened the investigation.

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