Earlier this week, a very violent and volatile video went viral. It shows things between a McDonald’s worker and a drive-thru customer go from 0 to a 1000 in the blink of an eye. The customer was seen pulling the worker through the drive-thru window by her hair. Following, which was not seen on the video, three other participants helped jump the female worker. Now, all four woman have been arrested.

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The St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana says that due to the video as well as witness accounts, they were able to identify and arrest three teens and a 20-year-old for their involvement in the fight.

A summons for disturbing the peace by fighting was issued for Bradnika Gregoire, 20 and misdemeanor summons for simple battery to a 16-year-old juvenile and 18-year-old Sierra Gregoire, 18. Kailin Holland, 17, of Harvey, was arrested and booked with second-degree battery. The sheriff’s office said she was the one who pulled the victim through the window.

Graphic video below.

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See where putting things on film can get you?!

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SOURCE: 11 Alive