In what was definitely her most difficult match of the 2015 US Open so far, Serena found a way to pull through and win. Switching into the next gear–like we see many greats do when their back is against the wall–after losing a game, Serena hits a split on the court, scores, and moves on to the next round!


This year in the US Open is particularly special for Serena. Serena has won all major title championships in the 2015 season and the US Open would complete a year of greatness. The calendar slam, as it is referred to after winning all major titles in one year, is the last goal of the year for Serena.

The calendar slam has not been accomplished since 1988 and Serena is on the path to really mark her place in history. However, it is like the Tennis gods are testing her strength and will to complete the task. In last night’s match, Serena lost her first game 6-3 and was battling in the next game until she tied it up at 5-5. From that point forward, she would win each set in that game and scored all of the points in the third and final set. Serena switched gears and hit a split while scoring a point!

Serena Hits A Split…

You just can’t make this stuff up. It is safe to say that Serena is definitely the LeBron (or MJ?) of the Tennis world. One other thing is for sure as well: her cover on NY Magazine was completely legit!