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All sorts of bombs are dropping today all before noon.  First a detailed report about the New England Patriots alleged cheating spreading over numerous years and now this tell-all book involving the New York Yankees.  A former clubhouse worker wrote a tell-all book called Abused By The New York Yankees, and some of the claims are unbelievable.

So here’s the deal via Deadspin:

Former Yankees assistant equipment manager Paul Priore was fired in 1997. He says the team let him go because he is HIV-positive; the Yankees, and New York state courts, disagree. Now the seamy tell-all Priore threatened to write has found its way to print (albeit through self-publishing).

About those claims! Here are some things Paul Priore says he witnessed, as outlined amongst the 500-some pages of Abused By The New York Yankees and according to the book’s website and this review:

  • Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada engaged in sexual relations in the clubhouse sauna at the end of their first season with the team. Jeter and Posada then allowed Priore to perform oral sex on them in order to keep him quiet.
  • George Steinbrenner spied on players using secret security cameras in the clubhouse, and was actively involved in the Iran-Contra Affair.
  • Outfielder Gerald Williams had sex with an underage concession stand worker in a storage closet.
  • Cecil Fielder played drunk on vodka, and Darryl Strawberry drank whisky during games.
  • Bob Wickman, Jeff Nelson and Mariano Rivera tried to sexually assault him with a baseball bat.
  • Batboys created a market of forged autographs on Yankees memorabilia.

Crazy stuff but like the gossipers say these days, we’re gonna need receipts…

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