50 Cent

50 Cent is getting sued once again because a man is claiming Fif jacked him for his Power storyline!

A man named Larry Johnson claims he wrote a manuscript back in 2005 called “Trials of a Ghetto Kid” which he says he then sent to Nikki Turner – a woman who was employed at Fif’s G-Unit Books. Although the book was published somewhere else, he thinks that Nikki showed 50 the manuscript and he decided to run with it.

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According to Johnson, not only is the Starz show a complete rip-off of his idea, but even the main character in his book was named “Ghost” with a goatee who owns the hottest nightclub in NYC and has a best friend with a bad temper problem. Hmmm, sounds familiar?

As of now, Johnson is suing Fif for $200M. Interested to see how this one will pan out.

Best show, hands down so shout out to whoever REALLY came up with the brilliant idea for the show.
Not for nothing but I don’t care who’s idea it was, I just need season 3 to come out like…. YESTERDAY.. LOL!

Source: TMZ