..The lie detector results are in and you are NOT Nicki Minaj.

A 24-year-old British man by the name of Stephen Brown made a call to emergency services last year on Christmas saying that he was getting death treats by two men, but he was “too drunk” to give real details. He then changed up his entire story and claimed he was NICKI MINAJ. Yes folks – THE Nicki Minaj.

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Unfortunately for Brown, this wasn’t a petty prank call to the cops. After referring to Brown as a “nuisance,” the judge explained that he breached an Anti-Social Behavior Order because while he was keeping the police lines busy with nonsense, it was taking them away from handling actual real issues that required police assistance.

Defense attorney Aaron Thompson calls his client “his own worst enemy” and says he also struggles with alcoholism.

He is currently in jail, serving his bid for pretending to be the leader of the Barbz and holding up 5-0.

Source: TheUrbanDaily