Rihanna x Travi$ Scott

For the longest, there have been rumors of Rihanna and Travi$ Scott being an item, due to their close friendship. The pair have worked together, celebrated milestones together and even got tattooed together, but have played the “just friends” card every time. However, this week in NYC seems to have changed a few things.

Rihanna has accompanied the Rodeo rapper to all 3 of his shows this week, then hitting the after-party spots with him as well.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

“They are definitely together. They were dancing very close and didn’t care who could see them,” a source told Page Six about their night at Up & Down and 1Oak on Tuesday. I too had a witness there, who wrote me the following in a series of texts that night:

“Did you know ri & Trav was f*cking? I know it’s mad late but this needs to be on your site lol. Like whoa. Grinding on him allllllllll night. Hands on her p*ssy and all. It’s 4:45am and that ass still on himmmmmm!”

(Thanks girl, LOL.) I didn’t want to report that with little to no proof, but now that there appears to be a little traction here, it’s lit! TMZ is also poking their nose in, providing video and photos of the pair together throughout this past week.

Do you think #Travanna is a cute couple? (Yes I just made that couple name up. Any other suggestions?!)