Lil Wayne said in his raps plenty of times before that when it comes down to the mothers of his children, they all get along. While Christina Milian, Wayne’s current love interest, does not have a baby by the rapper, surely she knows her place in how to keep the peace; which is exactly what happened while she and Toya Wright were under the same roof Thurs. evening.

Wright and Milian both were invited to the BCBG show during NYFW, and according to the mother of Lil Wayne’s eldest child, it was all good. Her response when she hears that her ex is with another one: “Wayne is a charmer, so they can have him — it’s their turn now.” A grown woman’s reaction.

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According to the NY Post, Wright is far from worried about what anyone else is up to, because she has her own businesses to worry about.

“I always had my own dreams and goals,” she explained. “I have a bonnet line called Bonnet Bling, so instead of going to bed looking like a granny you can go to bed looking cute.

“I am totally capable of making my own coins and being a strong, positive influence for my teenage daughter.”

Go girl(s)!

Check out both of the women decked out in all black during the BCBG show in the gallery at the top.