The first sunday of the NFL season has gone underway and as expected, some injuries have followed along with the start of the season as well. Washington’s Desean ‘Jaccpot’ Jackson is done for the day after suffering a hamstring injury.


Definitely a sour note to start the season for the Washington organization. Washington has been in the headlines throughout the pre-season for their decision to start Kirk Cousins over RGIII and now one of their premier Wide Receivers has left today’s game for good.

Jackson attempted to receive a deep pass from Cousins when he injured his hamstring and this was only on the second drive of the game. Following that play, Washington went up 3-0 and they currently lead the Dolphins 10-7 at the half.

Hamstring injuries can be tricky depending on the extent of the injury as they have a tendency to become aggravated unexpectedly. Since the injury just took place, there is currently no time table on his return to next week’s game.