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There is always someone recording when life comes at you fast. Apparently Swaggy P and his friends got into an altercation with another group at Dave & Busters in Los Angeles and he was caught spazzing after everything spilled outside


According to TMZ, Nick Young and his crew were involved in a situation at the bar inside Dave & Busters and he ended up going off on one of his friends once they were outside. In the video, however, it is unclear exactly who Swaggy was going off on and why. Swaggy can be heard saying “Its everywhere we go…” so if he was talking to his friend, I would assume he’s that friend that always gets into something when they go out. LOL! At 30+ you probably have to cut those types off.

Nick Young could be seen tossing a water bottle in the direction of whoever he was yelling at; but luckily he was being held back by people who were there with him. According to the TMZ report, LAPD showed up to disperse the group and everyone cooperated without any problems.

Swaggy Spazzing At Dave & Busters…

Hopefully Nick brings that same fire to his squad on the Lakers this season. They are definitely going to need it out West.