IFWT_Peterson Vikings 49ers

I’ve seen some vicious fights after football games and recently a lot involving the San Francisco 49ers but this one was pretty bad.  The 49ers beat the Minnesota Vikings 20-3 on Monday night which should’ve left their fans in great spirits, but one Vikings’ fan turned all of that around.

Here’s what reportedly happened according to Brandon Cosio who posted the video:

The Viking fan in the video and a 49er fan NOT in the video were talking smack to each other, getting into each others faces. A lot of fans from both sides were telling both people to stop and just walk to their cars. The Viking fan shoved his wife into a barrier to try to get to the 49er fan, then at that point the 49er fan walked away from the situation and that’s when the Viking fan may have got a little cocky. The Viking fan turned around and addressed everyone behind him (mostly 49er fans). He said ” what’s up, any of you fuckers want some?!” At that point everyone went silent for 2 seconds then as the Viking fan was turning around to walk away, the 49er fan in the black (at the beginning of the video who threw the first punch) tackled him to the ground. That’s where the video starts.

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