Kim Kardashian watch out, your little sister Kylie Jenner is coming for your crown! Kim Kardashian is a social media queen but it looks like her youngest sister Kylie who just turned 18, will be taking over her spot very soon. Monday (Sept 14th) , the sisters Kim, Khloe and Kylie launched their very own personalized apps. As expected each of the apps did huge numbers but Kylie’s app soared to the top of the Free Apps chart.

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The Kylie Jenner Official App has down extrodonarily well. The app has found itself a seat at the top of the Free Apps chart, dominating popular social media apps like Facebook,Youtube, and Kylie’s favorite Snapchat.

Kylie’s app gives her fans a look further inside her life, with tons of beauty tips and tricks. She even shares this trick with fans on how she makes her boobs look so amazing. Click here to check it out.

Congratulations to King Kylie for the success of her app!

Source Complex