Def Jam

Upon reading this headline, I’m sure two things went through your mind:

1. ANOTHER biopic? Can we f*cking relax for a second?!
2. Who the in the world on the Def Jam roster would Jonah Hill play?

Well I don’t have an answer for number one other than – I know, bro. I feel you. As for two? It’s no one on the roster that Universal is eyeing, it’s for the part of Rick Rubin, the famous label’s co-founder. Makes a lot more sense now, huh?

According to reports, Universal is in the early stages of planning a Def Jam biopic, eyeing Michael B. Jordan to play Russell Simmons alongside Hill’s Rick Rubin. This could actually be really dope if done right, as there’s SO many years of history there.

Either way, we have some time, as there are no deals currently in place for the film.

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Source: CB || Deadline