Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell was asked about a Facebook post from Marshawn Lynch’s mom that called him “the worst play caller ever” and said that he should have been fired.

“I’m glad we have passionate fans,” Bevell said.

“It comes with the territory. I played quarterback, and that guy’s going to get more credit than he deserves, and people are going to be on him when you don’t win. So same with what I’m doing. I’m totally confident in what I’m doing. I’m totally confident that I’m trying to get our team in the best position to win. And I’m glad that she’s passionate about it.”

Added head coach Pete Carroll: “I haven’t seen the actual comments, but mom looking after her kid. There ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

“I always joke with some of the players every now and then that everybody has Madden nowadays, and everybody gets to play, and they’re offensive coordinators on their game,” Bevell said. “Everybody’s picking plays. So it’s been that for years and years. The armchair quarterbacks are going to be able to poke holes in whatever you’re doing.

“I can promise them that we’re spending a lot of time on what we’re doing,” he said. “There’s rhyme and reason for everything, and there’s not a play that I throw out there that I don’t believe is going to be successful and that’s not putting the Seahawks in the best position to win.”


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