The man who filed a police report claiming Terrell Owens hurled a cup of hot coffee at him went on a racist tear during the altercation, screaming the n-word and calling him a “f***ing knuckle-running, spear-chucking, monkey-ass looking motherf*****.”

TMZ Sports obtained video of a portion of the altercation between T.O. and the alleged victim, a guy named Arman.

Terrell says Arman got aggressive with him inside a Brentwood, CA Starbucks, threw a cup of liquid at him outside the shop and repeatedly used the n-word.

Now we proof, on the subject of racial slurs, T.O. was telling the truth.

T.O. says after Arman threw a cup at him, the former football star returned the favor with his own cup of coffee.

TMZ spoke with Arman, who first denied using the n-word.  But when he was made aware about the video he said he never put an “r” at the end, “I use that word and it’s very much accepted in the black community.”

When Arman was told that we hear him say, “f***ing knuckle-running, spear-chucking, monkey-ass looking motherf*****,” he said, he was “purposefully racist,” adding, “I just wanted to make him mad and sad. I’m Middle Eastern and Muslim and not KKK.”

Arman, who denied throwing a cup at T.O., said, “There’s freedom of speech but there’s not freedom of attack. He kicked me in the Starbucks.”

And he said, “I don’t want my name to be ruined with all my African-American friends because that’s as racist as it gets.”

Arman also says T.O. was being violent, saying, “You’re lucky I don’t whip your ass.” Arman says, “I come from a very politically active family and community who has fought for the rights of any and every group that has ever been racially discriminated against.”

Cops are investigating.

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