Every girl walks around assuming every other females wants their boyfriend. We know “the look” other girls give, or that extra flirt that just can’t be tolerated. But I think I speak for most mature adult females when I say, if it’s a little girl,especially a 12 year old little girl flirting with our boyfriend, it’s nothing to worry about. Check out the letter in the gallery and Find out how this woman handled it when a 12 year old wrote a note to her boyfriend.

12 year old Trinity ended up having butterflies when it came to her 29 year old neighbor John. John being like any polite neighbor always makes sure to look out for the local neighbor hood kids and even plays with them outside every now and then. Trinity took a few more trips than the other kids when it came to knocking on John’s door. After getting the stank eye from John’s 21 year old girlfriend, 12 year old Trinity decided to leave the note under their doorstep. The girlfriend thought is was funny enough to post on social media.

Instead of a break up letter little Trinity wrote a friendship break up letter, asking John if he didn’t want to play anymore just to let her know. She couldn’t take the jealous stares anymore from his girlfriend. In the girlfriend’s defense, she says Trinity knocks on John’s door quite a lot and has even thrown a tantrum when John told her it wasn’t a good time to come over and play. Stomping off and crossing her arms this isn’t the first time John’s girlfriend has a run in with Trinity.

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