After watching the countless interviews that friends of Dylann Roof conducted after his slaying of the Charleston 9, many of us wondered why some of them haven’t been taken into custody since it was apparent that they had information that could have helped stop the murders. Today, the FBI arrested Joey Meek, one of Roof’s friends that did several in-depth interviews about the murders.


It has definitely been a long time coming for the families of the victims that were murdered at AME Church in Charleston just a few months ago. According to reports, the FBI has been investigating Joey Meek since June, around the time of the shootings and when he first began conducting interviews. The FBI says he had knowledge of the crime that was to take place and failed to tell authorities and then he lied to them about it; however, that is not the only thing that led to Meek being arrested.

Joey Meek claimed that he did not take Roof’s “drunken rants” about doing a mass shooting seriously and brushed him off. However, Meek admitted to hiding Roof’s gun and then putting it back the following day after a night of drinking. Seeming to get himself in the clear, Meek also reported that once he heard about the shooting, he called the FBI to give them a description of Roof and his car.

The families of those that were killed in the church shooting have to feel a little relief knowing that they are another step closer to justice. Along with Meek’s claims about not believing Roof’s threats, those interviews he conducted probably didn’t help his case either.