Thursday, on ‘The Real’ Talk Show, 10 year old April Star with a desirous heart to fulfill a dream of becoming a model had one of her biggest wishes come true. She was able to meet the beautiful Super Model Chantelle Brown-Young, who goes by the name Winnie Harlow. Winnie, who appeared on America’s Next Top Model in the 21st cycle of the reality television series brought the skin disease Vitiligo to light.

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The young model who was born in Toronto, Ontario of Jamaican ancestry, came ranking in 6th place out of the 14 participants. Winnie was diagnosed at the tender age of 4 with Vitiligo, which is a chronic skin condition that allows the body to lose its pigment. She faced a childhood of being teased non stop and had to face bullies constantly. Children would call her a “Cow” or “Zebra” and every name you could think of that would diminish a young girl’s spirit. Due to the on going harassment she received on an everyday basis, it caused her to switch schools quite frequently. Reports even said she thought of suicide throughout her teenage years. She revealed that on many occasions she was alienated.

It wasn’t until Harlow made her very first appearance on a youtube channel by personality Shannon Boodram, when she came across pictures of the beautiful girl on Facebook. She was contacted in reference to starring in a video called “Natural Me”. Although, she had been rejected time and time again by agencies it wasn’t until she made her debut on the once most popular series “Americas Next Top Model” and was discovered by legendary, Tyra Banks.

During her appearance on “The Real”, a teary eyed Winnie breaks down in tears as she opens up about her lack of self esteem while growing up. Harlow spoke on how she wished she was as brave and had the same confidence as Star when she was the same age. Winnie went on to praise the young girl stating that “she was on the right track”.

In a youtube video, Winnie talks about beauty and what plays a major role in what defines what we think it is. She goes on to say that there is beauty in everything, no matter the color, weight, or size.

“I loved myself and with that opportunities started to fall into my lap and I thank God for all of them. TRY LOVING YOURSELF”- Winnie Harlow