Police say yesterday (9/17/15) a man with a history of mental illness attempted at stealing an airplane in Texas.

Man Armed With Stick Attempts To Steal Airplane

It’s reported a mentally disturbed man tried to seal an airplane from the tarmac through a security gate at an airport in the US state of Texas.

According to Waco police, the suspect, whose identity was withheld, attempted to steal the jet after breaking into a secured area of the Waco Regional Airport about noon on Thursday.

“Our officer approached the suspect who was armed with a stick and refused to cooperate with the officer’s instructions. The suspect was tased several times with no effect, forcing our officer to have to physically restrain him,” Sgt. W Patrick Swanton said in a police statement.

“Texas Aero employees saw the officer struggling with the individual and came to assist. Those employees helped the officer subdue the individual and all were able to handcuff him.”

After not cooperating with authorities, the man received several shocks from a stun gun but it had no effect. A struggle ensued and airport employees helped the officer subdue the man.

Police say he will face charges of criminal trespass, attempted theft, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

Man Armed With Stick Attempts To Steal Airplane