Rapper Bow Wow, or Shad Moss (I guess), has officially ended his engagement to fiancée Erica Mena. Click the jump to see why.

Sommo: Twitter | Instagram

Yesterday Erica took to Instagram to tell her fans about the trouble she’s having, overcoming the loss of her second child. She and Bow Wow were expecting, and she suffered a miscarriage.

Well, sources close to the couple say Bow Wow thought she was being ‘lame’ for exposing her personal business on Instagram to her fans. And he thought that she was being ‘overly dramatic’ since the miscarriage occurred 5 months ago.

So Bow Wow told Erica that it’s officially over. Yes, he officially dumped her ass. It’s not clear where the former reality star is going to live now.

I thought Bow Wow and Erica were a great couple, but i guess everything has to come to an end. *Kanye Shrug*