College GameDay is one of the coolest ways that ESPN has created as a way to interact with their fans. Every week, the staff of the show heads to a different college campus and shoots a live show covering the predictions, updates, and previews of that weekend’s college football games.

College students all pack in to a designated area behind the analysts, decked out in their school colors and waving signs that can get a little explicit. Check out the gallery for photos!

Genny Noel

College students are, by far, the best fans a team can have. They will fight you tooth and nail to prove why their school is the best. College GameDay has become a window for non-students to experience the wild, college atmosphere that surfaces on a game day.

One of everyone’s favorite parts about College GameDay is the creative signs that the students come up with to show their school spirit.

The reality of it is that the better your sign is, the better the chance you have of being on TV. With everyone looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, the signs get better and better every year.

The Gameday crew quickly got the picture and supported the sign frenzy by making it an actual contest. The College Gameday Twitter account keeps followers updated on the funniest and explicit signs that the staff comes across while airing the show. People can then go online and vote for their favorite poster.

Because the show airs live, it can be funny to see which signs that could be considered “politically incorrect” accidentally make the cut.

Check out some of the wild signs in the gallery above!