I notice in this generation of stars and celebs there is no longer a need for discretion! No one filters their words for national television or to spare anyone’s feelings. Luckily our girl Sanaa Lathan is as gracious as ever and can handle any heat thrown her way. Watch how Sanaa handles Nicole checking her about dating Boris in the past when she was a guest on their new show Boris & Nicole.

I’m sure there were plenty other ways Nicole could have started her interview with Actress Sanaa Lathan, like the new hit movie Sanaa just starred in. Instead Nicole broke the ice that needed more ice breaking, by asking Sanna about her and Boris’ previous relationship. Completely caught of guard I have to say she handled that pressure well and even gave Nicole a bit of what she asked for, by telling her how back when they dated Boris was even cuter than he was now. Insecurities got the best of Nicole when she chose to start off her interview that way. Sanaa even reassured Nicole about how madly in love Boris was with her back then around the time they ended dating.

Luckily the girls handled that conversation well and they got to the bottom of it. Apparently Boris and Sanaa dates many years ago and things did not work out well. Intimidated by her success Boris felt like Sanaa was a little high class. Unfortunately Sanaa felt like Boris was a little too self absorbed and would even take his shirt off at any random moment that he could. Once Nicole realized that it was Sanaa who decided not to continue dating Boris you can tell she instantly felt better.

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