This roll call is a little bit different as the stars of the show Orange Is The New Black hit the red carpet for the 2015 Emmy Awards. Check out the pictures of your favorite inmates and check out the transformation! These lovely ladies look amazing out of those uniforms especially Crazy Eyes!

Although the two that played Piper and Alex Vause did not come hand in hand the ladies looked great. People are always shocked to see the actress Uzo who plays Crazy Eyes. No she does not wear her hair like that in real life in face she is beautiful. Uzo also hits the red carpet along with Tastee and the rest of the cast.

Laverne Cox who plays Sophia the transgender has been slaying the spotlight since the world learned her name. Dash who plays Daya and Taryn Manning who plays the hil lbilly jesus freak were also in roll call for the 2015 Emmy Awards.

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