It’s natural for first time parents to be nervous when expecting a newborn. You can never truly be ready for the experience. The most you can do is pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. We often hear horror stories of the pain, agony, the few extra pounds gained, the swollen feet, oversized clothing and everything else that would make a women reconsider motherhood.

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One expectant mother isn’t afraid at all. She is ready and antipacting the arrival of her babygirl. The woman goes on to say that she has prepared herself over the past few months of her pregnancy. She has educated herself by reading books and while most women grieve once their bodies start to show signs, this lady is absolutely comfortable in the skin she’s in. The mommy to be couldn’t be anymore excited about her large size and sleep deprived life, so she says. After going through a pregnancy loss a year ago, the women opens up and says this is what I’ve been waiting on all my life. Nothing or anyone can bring this mother down. Her way of dealing with any stress that comes along with pregnancy is to simply BLOCK IT ALL OUT.

On the contrary, her husband is a nervous wreck about if she’ll have a safe delivery or experience any complications. I think we can all agree that most women have it together when it comes to pregnancy. After all it is our bodies the baby is growing inside of. Dealing with the symptoms, aches, pains, and mood swings come as second nature to expecting mothers. Reality usually sets in for the father when they first see their child. That’s when everything becomes clear and they’re natural instincts set in over a period of time.

The birth of a child is a blessing within itself. The joy of seeing your best creation and sharing that moment with the ones you love should cease your baby jitters. Think of it as the icing on your new family cake.