Pope Francis has earned himself the title, “The People’s Pope” because of his undying fervor to improve the quality of life for the good of humanity. The Pope’s will to do good was exemplified this weekend as he made a pitstop in Cuba on his way to the U.S.; one that has not only aided in the reconciliation of U.S. and Cuban relations, but even has President Castro considering rejoining the Catholic church.

Nae McMillan

During the Pope’s first day in Cuba he addressed the issue of freedom of religion in Cuba and urged the communist country to grant it’s citizens “freedom, the means and the space,” to practice their religious faiths.

Pope Francis delivered Mass in Havana, Cuba in front of thousands of citizens. Cuban government officials expected crowds well over 100,000 people and the Red Cross even set up stations to aid in addressing any medical needs that may arise. During Mass, Pope Francis spoke directly to the Cuban government telling them to “serve people, not ideas”

There is a kind of service which truly serves, yet we need to be careful not to be tempted by another kind of service, a service which is self-serving.

Pope Francis encourages Cuba to stop ostracizing itself by only serving the Cuban community, and to do work that serves all people.

There is a way to go about serving which is interested in only helping ‘my people,’ this service always leaves ‘your people’ outside, and gives rise to a process of exclusion.

Wise words that we all should take heed to.